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    Custom Data Forms open from the Console



      Is it possible to open the Custom Data Form from the Console?  If not maybe there is another way to accomplish what we want to do.  we want to track data about an asset that is not automatically included in the scans.  Things like the "true" Owner of the PC, Asset Status, Date Lease Expires, Location, etc.  Some are things that will not change once it is set, but others may change often.  We do not want to bother the end user, IT wants to be able to manage this information from the console if possible.  I like how the data form works because some of the fields we want to be pull down menus like the status (the values must be the same or reports will not work).



      So any ideas how to best use LANDesk to manage our assets by adding custom data and making it so it is easy for IT staff to keep it up-to-date?  Having to remote into every PC each time we need to update one peice of information is not going to work.







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          Jed SupportEmployee


          Custom Data Forms were not created with this in mind, the idea is that when the user gets on a machine the user enters the information, that information is entered in the database and is unlikely to change.  The key to remember is that if LANDesk can Inventory it, it can be queried on.  Some of what you're looking for can be Inventoried, although for the timeframe that you're looking at may not be useful with out instigating a scan.



          The short of it however is, that an Admin cannot kick off Custom Data Form gather operation from the Console.






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            ecoidan Specialist

            There is a way but its in no way supported. Reading your post encourage me to create a way.



            • Must be able to map to remote system via Microsoft Share

            • Must install Console Extender from Managed Planet(its free)


            1. Create a new Item in the Console Extender, as shown below


            2. Here is the LD-CustomData.CMD files content as shown in image above:

            Please insert your username and password used for mapping to the remote system where it says



            @echo off

            if exist
            %1\c$ goto EXPR

            echo Connecting to Remote System "%1"

            net use

            if not exist
            %1\c$ goto SUBEND


            %1\c$\program files\landesk\ldclient\LDCSTM32.EXE"

            net use
            %1\c$ /delete

            goto END


            echo There is a problem connecting to the remote system...






            Your Done with setting it up.


            When you right click on a device and select "Custom Data Form" and it will remotely execute the custom data form and you an update it.  Just make sure you right click and run an inventory after your done editing the custom data form so you can see the changes in the console.

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              Thanks this is very helpful.  One issue I see with this and Custom Data Forms in general is that it requires that the device is online and that it exists.  At times when entering asset information we would not want to wait for the PC to be powered on, or worse yet the PC may already be rebuilt or placed in storage.  We would want to be able to update the asset info even if the device no longer existed.



              I may still make use of the Console Extender.  Are you able to open a webpage with it and pass the device name or ID in the URL?  I may create a webform that will allow us to edit the custom data which could be launched from the console passing the device name or ID.







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                Ha! That's a fun hack.

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                  So, I've started a doc for general solutions to this problem: http://www.droppedpackets.org/misc/external-unmodeled-data/view






                  It's still a work in progress though. I hope to get some examples in this week, so keep an eye on the RSS feed.






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                    Something that is designed to handle this case is Data Translation Services from Managed Planet.  It can create web based custom data forms where you can enter data for any computer.  Or if you have data feeds it can pull data in from just about any other source as well.  Talk to your reseller about it.