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    Provisioning with WOL


      Hi all,


      I have doing template with all inside to work perfectly.

      Save data

      Reboot to winPE

      Deploy OS & configuration

      Restore date


      All it work if i launch on switch on device.


      But if I make a task with the template, and i active WOL. The device wakes up, and switch off... without launch template..


      I have already find a registry's configuration to disable switch off but I don't find them on community. Somebody know where is it ?


      Thanks for all.

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          marcel Specialist


          i have the same problem now with 9.5 SP1.


          My Devices woke up and after a little bit provisioning starts but at the same time the devices go offline.....


          I also tried "MDR Shutdown" RegKey and WOLLeavesAwake but they dont work


          Has anyone a working solution?