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    Best methods to keep Inventory up to date?




      We have LANDesk in our evirnoment and we are running into an issue with inventory and patching. Basically we have agents who "last updated by inventory server" date is more than 30 days. We have telcommuters and laptops in our environment. I would like to know what is the best way to keep the inventory up to date? Do I delete devices whose "last updated by inventory server" is older than 30 days? Do I manage laptops differently than desktops? I'm just looking for a method to make sure that the devices in my environment are accounted for, accurate, and available for task to be run on them. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


      Steven S.

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          mrspike SSMMVPGroup



          I would NOT delete systems just because the are not sending inventory data that soon.


          90 days is a better number... you do not want to delete systems that are most likely still around, you lose good data if you do.


          I would HIGHLY recommend that you get a LANDesk Management Gateway device, they are not that much money and they allow for your off-site systems to send inventory data, scan data and to receive (pull) patches, etc that are set a policies while they are on the plain old Internet.


          We use one and it is great.



          As far as Laptops and Desktops, I have a separate agent for those, and in all of my agents I use a machine purpose / type and date field to be able to query and report on them. A sample name would be "Laptop Agent 2011-04-24"


          I use 99% of the same settings as I would a desktop one, but change it so that it checks in for policies every hour.   I have the agent configuration name in my column set.


          If a system has not scanned in too recently and is a laptop, I do not worry about it as much... having the name in the column makes this easy to see.

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            Thanks James. I will try your suggestions.

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              mbaney Apprentice

              Hi James,


              I know this post is old but hopefully you will see this response.  You state above that you use 99% of the same settings between desktop and laptop.  Is this true for patch and compliance scan scheduling?  I’m trying to figure out the best options to scan about once a day. My main question is if a scheduled scan is used (as opposed to even-driven) but is asleep or off at the scheduled time will the machine scan when it wakes up or will the scan occur at the next scheduled time?  I can easily see most laptops to be powered off or asleep at the time of a scheduled scan. As a follow up question if under ‘change settings’ I set it to repeat after 1 days and set all other options to none will this try to scan every 24 hours?




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                mrspike SSMMVPGroup

                Yes, set it to once a day, leave all others set to None.  We do set the Random delay to one hour, if you have a lot of laptops, then set it to maybe 30 minutes.... this helps avoid the system being hit hard by tasks at startup.


                We have found this works great and since we are not specifying a time to scan, it will happen if the last scan was 24 hours or older.