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    After Upgrade to LDMS9 SP2 april Patched CTOS stops working

    mercuzio Apprentice

      Hi all, in environment LDMS9 SP2 and patched witj all April patches, template for Windows XP Restore stops working on the action CTOS;

      after the client is Imaged correctly the action Configure Target OS Action fails : unknown action.

      The client is not rebooted and if we check c:\SYSPREP\I386\$OEM$ the folder is empty; No cmdlines.txt or ldprovision.cmd files are present.

      We try re-building template, or launching a template with only CTOS action but nothing changes.

      WINPE environment on PXE is updated (boot.wim is the same on the Core).


      Try to uncheck "insert unique ID" in CTOS action and cleaning console from device,bar metal, mac address or tasks.


      Any ideas? or suggestion?

      Thanx a lot


      LOG extract:


      download template OK
      2011-05-11 09:46:47(5552-4992) ldProvision.exe:handle session data OK
      2011-05-11 09:46:47(5552-4992) ldProvision.exe:begin process actions
      2011-05-11 09:46:47(5552-4992) ldProvision.exe:begin a action
      2011-05-11 09:46:47(5552-4992) ldProvision.exe:action index=13349, type=Configure_target_os
      2011-05-11 09:46:47(5552-4992) ldProvision.exe:>>EnvironmentCheck
      2011-05-11 09:46:47(5552-4992) ldProvision.exe:m_DebugFlag=,
      2011-05-11 09:46:47(5552-4992) ldProvision.exe:httpclient
      2011-05-11 09:46:47(5552-4992) ldProvision.exe:bPEAction=1, bPeEnv=1
      2011-05-11 09:46:48(5552-4992) ldProvision.exe:Call web service GetStatusString()
      2011-05-11 09:46:48(5552-4992) ldProvision.exe:Create process (C:\Program Files\LANDesk\Shared Files\httpclient.exe) with args ( -H"\\pf-ita-mi-lnd\ldlogon\Provisioning\windows\header.txt" -o"\\pf-ita-mi-lnd\ldlogon\Provisioning\windows\body.txt" -f"\\pf-ita-mi-lnd\ldlogon\Provisioning\windows\result.xml"
      2011-05-11 09:46:48(5552-4992) ldProvision.exe:start TryallWebService No=0.
      2011-05-11 09:46:48(5552-4992) ldProvision.exe:end TryallWebService No=0.exitCode=0

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          Mercuzo, did you ever find a resolution to this issue?

          or even a response

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            EMiranda Expert

            Take out the Reboot action in your provisioning for 1. if it fails it will stay in WinPE and 2. you dont need a Reboot action if it is successful as CTOS already provideds the reboot.


            If it fails again, and you are still in WinPE, check the actual log to the CTOS and see what it is telling you, that log is here:




            In some of my experiences I have seen it fail if there is already a cmdline.txt c:\SYSPREP\I386\$OEM$, so I would just delete it and let CTOS create it.

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              Thanks you very much for the quick reply

              I will give this a try

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                mercuzio Apprentice

                Hi, i resolved the issue following this troubleshooting action and osserving device behavior, i find that no action was taken, so the CTOS action could not be started at all, device in fact was not rebooted. I check the \\coreserver\ldlogon\provisioning  folder and i saw that:

                ConfigTargetoshandler.exe was not there so it was not on the boot.wim on the PXE (That's why no CTOS action satrted)

                Confighandler.exe was not there (Agent install agent would have not work after all)

                And LDWindowsprovisioning.XML was not complete with all the action, (genrally it contains all action list available and the sequence but it was truncated on many lines)


                I replace all theese files from another Core Server same version (LDMS)+SP2), re-deploy PXE rep and now it works fine!
                It was an upgrade's vicious, it's a bit strange,but it could happens!



                If you need you could follow theese Troubleshooting steps


                1 - On the core server backup all log files from the \\CORESERVER\ldmain\log folder. Then delete all files there.

                2 - Boot your device from the PXE Menu selecting the option WinPE Provisioning.

                3 - Once the device finishes booting close all the windows that might show - this means, do not start the provisioning process, instead close the window when it pops up.

                4- Open a new command prompt window.

                5 - Chang the path to X:\ldprovision

                6 - execute -> ldprovision.exe -V 255 -c CORESERVER

                Replace CORESERVER with the name of your coreserver and make sure to use a capital V in the '-V 255' option.


                7 - Enter your credentials and start the provisioning process as usual.

                8 - Once it fails collect all .txt and .log files from the X:\ldprovision folder.

                9 - Collect all new log files from the \\CORESERVER\ldmain\log folder