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    LANDesk SD 7.4 in Amazon Cloud


      Has anyone tried to build their LANDesk environment in the Amazon cloud? If so what has the expereice been like (setup, migration, user experience)? We are use LANDesk on an Oracle database so have narrowed down Amazon as the preferred cloud platform.


      Appreciate any response!

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          Yes I set this up a while back and it was jolly quick (albeit with SQL 2008 as the server).  I managed to bust the server by installing some MS updates and even the might of amazons gold support couldn't fix it so make sure you take plenty of backups of the OS side.  I found the costs if the server wa on all the time a little on the high side, great for demos though!

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            Thanks for the response Dave!


            Have you seen LANDesk on the EC2 Cloud in a full production environment? and if so what was the performance like?


            We have decided to postpone the cloud migration because we are concerned with performance issues. Currently the performance of the console (click-once client) leaves a lot to be desired. LANDesk is one of our core business applications with a number of integrations with other systems so we cant risk the migration just yet.

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              I only deployed WebDesk (aka WebAccess) and it wasn't a full production environment.  As an FYI I would strongly recommend using WebAccess if you can as it is faster than Console.  We don't use the click-once onetouch installer for Console over here, but I would certainly read through the performance guide in your documentation folder/talk to support and turn on metadata caching.  There is other useful advice in there too, but WebDesk is the way to go (IMHO!)

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                Oh we've been through the performance tuning doc. Lots of times at this stage. We've a number of integrations with LANDesk and believe this may also be having an effect on the performance. At the moment we use webdesk (with no custom configuration) for our off site consultants but this is nearly as slow as console. Hopefully it will improve in 7.4! And IF we could be guaranteed that there would be no loss in functionality by using webdesk I'd love to make that our main client. 

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                  I see - well time to get the big guns involved perhaps as webaccess should be very noticeably quicker than Console.  Anyway as I understand it the whereami button, config/impact analysis and CTI are on the roadmap for webaccess.  Anything else that would hold you back?

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                    Time and resouces for testing! We wont know whether webdesk is a viable option until full testing is complete. To be honest I've not had a chance to research the improved webdesk functionality in 7.4 but have to admit I'm looking forward to it. The performance of Console has been increasingly poor over the last few months.

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                      Stu McNeill Employee

                      Hi Ross,


                      If your general performance has been degrading over time one classic cause of this is bad object design known as unbounded collections.  This document gives a full explanation and a SQL statement to help identify this problem: The effect of unbounded collections on system performance.



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                        Hi Stu,


                        Will have one of our DBAs look into it. Thanks!

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                          I haven't tried Amazon Cloud yet.