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    7.4 LANDesk Web Desk - Problems logging on>


      Is anyone actively using or testing 7.4 Web Desk?


      We are currently in testing phase of a 7.4 roll out and until yesteday our analysts were able to login to the WebDesk portal but sometime yesterday we started getting 'Access Denied' nothing recorded in the logs and no other error message.


      SA can still login to the Web portal but no one else - As far as I am aware no privileges have changed?


      Does anyone have any idea? on the same lines, is there a particular privilege that allows Web Portal access that I can check in case someone has actually made a change?


      Any help would be gratefully appreciated


      Many thanks

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          Hi Leon,


          Privilege errors are very specific about which privilege you don't have, so I would be less inclined to think that is the problem. Access Denied would suggest to me maybe folder permissions on the Web Server, if these have changed it could cause a problem, or possibly the authentication methods have been changed in IIS.




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            Couple of other thoughts.  What sort of authentication are you using?  If you are using LDAP, the nSA will always be able to login with their explicit credentials, but other people will need the LDAP server to be up and running.  If it's integrated login, I'd turn on Trace_Authentication=All in the tps.config file and see what the network login ID being presented is.  Then match that against the network login for the users.


            Explicit login might be a way forward in the short term.