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    Getting the correct MAC address




      Quick question about getting the correct MAC Address into the Database before imaging.


      We run a completely wireless network and hense have the issue where the LANDesk MAC address is the wireless card, not the LAN. We do, of course, do all our imaging via the LAN. Before we image we delete the machine from the database and readd it using the LAN MAC so the machine name is correct on imaging.


      Now we have tweaked our provising script to put the machine into vboot at the start of the provisioning script to make the process a little more hands off, however, we still have this issue of wireless and LAN MAC Address (something i reallyt wish LANDesk would fix). I would really like to make the whole process hands off.


      Is there a way, before the vboot to set a LDSCN32.exe or MINISCAN.exe to kick off that will pickup the LAN MAC. Both the wireless and LAN is turned on at this stage. How can i ensure the scan uses the LAN MAC and not the wireless MAC? How are other people getting around this?


      Thanks in advance.


      P.S. LD 9.0 SP2

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          This pretty much answered my question.


          Run a MINISCAN and by turning these on I can see that the LAN MAC is being stored.







          You don't stand much of a chance of "seeing" a mini-scan with the naked eye, as they're 1 KB, and get processed as a priority by the Inventory Service.


          The way to check what's going on via scanfiles is this.


          1 - Open the 32-bit Console on the Core.

          2 - Go to CONFIGURE => SERVICES

          3 - Select the "Inventory"-tab on the new window.


          4 - Click on the "Advanced Settings"-button.


          5 - Find the line "Store Scans" and set the value to "1".

          6 - Click "OK" to close the settings window.

          7 - Click "OK" to close the Service Configuration window.


          NOTE -- you'll be prompted for a restart of the inventory service to apply the change


          You'll now notice a subdirectory under "\\YourCore\ldmain\ldscan\" called "storage" -- ALL incoming files (scn / ims) will have a copy dumped into here. I'd suggest doing this during a known quiet period, as this can eat quite a bit of I/O at the wrong time of the day.


          This will give you a better idea of what's going on regarding incoming mini-scans and their contents .


          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead