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    Pushing Software When Machine Rebooted So as Not to Impact Daily Duties


      Hello everyone;


      I will start by saying that I know nothing about LANDesk and am asking for help and direction regarding capabilities from this community of experts - I sincerely hope one or more of you will be willing to assist!


      I am Project Admin for and organization which is doing an installation of new encryption and virus protection software (SEE/SEP) to a very large number of devices. I have posed this question to a number of IT people within our end of the project but can't seem to get a satisfactory answer:


      The Problem:

      1. Push of the software itself does not seem to create challenges however SEE software requires a reboot and a lengthy time to do the full disk encryption required by the organization.

      2. Disk encryption is happening in the background while the user is going about their duties however test pushes indicate significant slowdown of processes which will impact the performance of both the device and the user.

      3. The organization is 24/7 (so no after hours solutions) and medical related so many devices are mission critical and performance slowdowns/interruptions could potentially be the cause of dire consequences to patient care - ie. Dialysis, OR devices, ICU etc. All of these devices have been excluded from the software push until we can formulate a plan to have the software safely installed without impacting the patient care.

      4. It is not possible to predict when a machine will be idle long enough for the encryption process to be completed and for the device performance to return to normal.

      5. Sheer numbers of devices do not allow for manual installation of the software.


      The Question:

      Is it possible to push software in a manner similar to what I see when I receive Windows updates?

      1. Have a popup appear on the device asking the user to reboot the computer for the purposes of the software installation and inform them of the approximate time involved for the encryption process so that they know in advance when the device will return to normal performance parameters.
      2. Not allow the device to be utilized until the encryption process is completed.
      3. Let the user and LANDesk know when the encryption process is completed.


      If we could do something like this then we could target maybe 10 out of 100 devices at a time within that department, give the users and IT managers a heads up as to specifically which machines will receive the push for that particular iteration so that they can plan to exclude these devices from being used that shift.


      I know this organization has highly capable individuals within the LANDesk department however, as with most large bureaucracies the only way I will be able to put forth a possible solution to this huge challenge is to have some solid information/suggestions/procedures to present to the powers that be.


      My own personal experience with DB design tells me that there should be a scripting procedure that will achieve what we want to do but I would like to be able to communicate the required steps in a manner and terminology the LANDesk gang will be able to immediately formulate a plan in their minds.


      Many, many thanks in advance for your advice, direction and suggestions!



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          First off.  Why are you using Symantec for this project?  You should be using LANDesk Security Suite along with Credant Drive encryption.  Yes, landesk has an encryption software.


          To make a suggestion.


          So you can create a deployment job that has SEP as the 1st package and then your Encryption software as the main package.


          You can have your delivery method show UI to the end user where you post a message in it.  Something like:


          New security software is being installed and your system will re-boot when complete.  The estimated time is 60 minutes. 


          You get the idea.


          At the end of the day LANDesk does not have a way to deploy software on a re-boot. 


          you can use a policy delivery if you want the user to control when the install happens or a push if you have a window in which you can install this.


          (when you encrypt a drive with certain solution it's going to bog down the drive, no magic bullet for that)

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            Thanks Ty;


            Can the message in the UI contain controls buttons that allow options along the lines of:


            Click OK to install software now, Click NOT NOW to remind me later?


            BTW - the first phase of this project was removal of Credant - not sure why they are changing, (maybe something to do with Active Directory?) - they are also migrating all devices to a new domain.


            I was contracted to build a DB to facilitate tracking and confirmation of the Credant removal process. They extended me to help with the scheduling and orderly installation of SEE/SEP throughout the system - they are keeping me around for my organizational skills, and my abiility to coordinate and work effectivley with people from totally unrelated and deverse areas, definitely not for my technical knowledge of LANDesk, or methodologies related to doing mass applications installations (obviously).


            I guess that's why I am reaching out - I want to be as effective as possible regarding calming the concerns of the patient care people while minimizing the anxious/angry calls to the help desk.  One thing I have learned from taking on this type of contract is that the general attitude of users and management is too often their notion that the technical experts are unkempt geeks that live in a dark room with little or no concern for the effect their job has on the end user - I have too often talked to tech experts who are frustrated because the needs of the end user have not been articulated in a way that they could have easily minimized issues had they been given the correct information.  That's why I do my best to be an effective bridge between the two.


            Thanks again Ty - let me know your thoughts on the control buttons...also, if anyone else wants to weigh in, I am listening intently!!



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              Ty - you don't need points...just a small medallion that reads "Hero"


              Now I not only have a suggestion, but also a first steps in the path.


              Thank you so much!!!