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    Driver installation problem - Imaged machine



      Hello everyone.



      Unfortunately there's not a short way to explain this. I recently performed an upgrade on our server to 8.7 SP4 which went perfectly smooth and yeilded no problems with my HII imaging until a few weeks later. The problem I'm running into now is that after a WinPE image of a machine and my custom script copies over the drivers when the OS actually finishes the intial sysprep mini-setup it starts having trouble. Everything goes well with some of the drivers installing even though the add/remove hardware wizard (nag) pops up a couple of times until it gets to the chipset and this lame plug 'n' play monitor which seem to completely stop any more drivers from installing. The before mentioned setup file for the chipset simply stops no errors or anything, it just sits idle in the task manager. If I kill both add/remove hardware boxes it takes off and finishes installing all the drivers except for the NIC.



      So this is clear I'm using a MVL XP Pro SP and have ran Sysprep with a miniseal and then LDPREP to ensure the drivers directory is being used. This leads me to believe it isn't completely relying on the drivers directory because the NIC drivers are in a folder called NIC within the drivers directory.



      Anyone have any ideas?



      I've already re-built my image from scratch a couple of times and I'd really like to keep this process instead of reverting to Ghost.