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    Agent Deployment Issues


      Hey All,


      Ok, so we have upgraded to 9.0 SP2. We did a side by side upgrade for the server and ended up having to change our host name for the core. To make the process easier, we created an alias in DNS so that the old agents would still report into the new core. (Migrated old cert over). This has worked fine for agent deployment of internal computers.  However, we now are trying to get it out to remote people using laptops. In theory, I thought we could get away with setting a policy based task to run for these machines and have them update their agent via policy. Now I notice that when they check in, policy sync.log shows the following:


      Thu, 12 May 2011 18:04:51 [START] Policy synchronization stated.
      Thu, 12 May 2011 18:04:51 Sending update request to core server.
      Thu, 12 May 2011 18:04:52 Web request returned 23 unexpected http status.
      Thu, 12 May 2011 18:04:52 [STOP] Error: policy update request has failed.


      In theory, the DNS alias should be able to make the client think it is talking to its original core. However, I wonder if the path to the web service has changed or something is different between the 2 versions, we were on 8.8 SP4 previously.


      Is there an easy way of getting policy deployment to work to get the agents out there? Or can someone give me an idea of the differences in the web services in the 2 versions? Perhaps even a recommendation for deployment. I may be able to get a repeating push task working, but would rather deploy via policy if we can.  Thanks for any help.



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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          Is the old server still operational? If so, you could simply stop redirecting the old clients and use it to distribute out the new agent so they then talk directly to the new server. That should work fine providing your old server wasn't completely hosed.


          Mark McGinn

          MarXtar Ltd


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            Hi Marxstar,


            Thanks for your response. Yeah, unfortunately, the old server is no longer operational. I missed this part of the testing when I switched over since I was mainly focused on functionality of getting the internal clients switched over. (which is working pretty well) Sounds like my best option might be to just schedule a reoccurring push based method task to get the client out to em eh?