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    Does anyone know of a download manager with a command line option?


      We use Desktop Manager for some SWD policy tasks which contain a Preliminary and Main package at our site. When a SWD task has multiple packages, the actual task reports as "Completed" once the first package completes. Because of this, the second and/or third package interface is never seen. LANDesk Desktop Manager will not even show the download status of the 2nd/3rd package.


      This is really a big issue here at our University due to our need for multiple packages. We provide software for students on their personal computers and our Administrative Systems department has written a program to determine the student's eligibility before allowing a software download. The eligiblity check application is the Prelimary package and only about 2MB. Once the student is determined eligible it then moves on to the Main package which could be Office, Expression Web, Adobe, etc. The end user will see the Desktop Manager report complete but it will be downloading 30-700MB in the background and the user would not be aware of this.


      I did post this a while back and also contacted LD support and this is by design



      Does anyone know of a download manager that has a command-line option that I would be able to configure to display a small download window while it downloads the second package? I found one called WGet but could not find anything a gui interface.


      We use LD9 SP2