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    Deploying a Macintosh .pkg Installer




      I need to silently install a program which is packaged as a .pkg file. What are the main steps for doing this using the Software Distribution feature of the LANDesk Management Suite?



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          mrspike SSMMVPGroup

          Our Mac guy handles the actual packaging, but I put them in LANDesk...


          He gives me a .pkg.zip file, not sure if they have to be pkg.zip or not.


          Go to Software Dist > Public Packages (Or "My Packages"), create a new group if you wish, right click > New Dist. Package > New Macintosh Package


          Point the HTTP share / file location, click on the pkg.zip file as your main file.




          Right click on the new package > Create scheduled task,


          Assign a system to the task, set delivery method, run

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            Thanks for the response. I’m assuming then that the unattended/silent part of the install is configured during the .pkg file creation in either Packagemaker or Iceberg and the switches box in the LANDesk package options is irrelevant. It would be useful to know how to take an existing package and modify it to make it ‘silent’ within either Packagemaker or Iceberg but I guess this is a question outside of LANDesk.

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              Tried it again but this time I zipped up the .pkg file. Before I was getting 'Error downloading package' so it appears you need to zip the installer for it to work. With regards to the silent install, the program appeared to install quietly without any modifications so it seems all you need to do is to zip up an existing .pkg file and create a distribution package for it. I would imagine more complex installations prompting for license keys, EULAs and registration details such as Microsoft Office would require some kind of answer file in the package or use of the software vendor's installation customization program.

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                mrspike SSMMVPGroup

                Nick, I believe you are correct, while I do not know a thing about packaging for Mac, LANDesk can handle the simple deployment, you must have it ready for a silent install

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                  zman Master

                  Just getting my feet wet on the MAC side ad packaging. There are times when windows boxes will boogger up a pkg file and zipping it up on the MAC is a safe way. I have deployed straight MAC packages without zipping silently with no issues. Just like packaging on the windows side every software distribution is different and must be tested (e.g., sometimes I can run a transform for a package share and sometimes I have to download it and run locally based on the package). There are a lot of tech notes about packaging Office 2011 (I used Iceberg) and had to zip it up.

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                    Is it possible to include serial numbers with a .pkg? We were able to put the Adobe Acrobat X Pro .pkg into a zip and get it deployed and installed, but dont know how to get a serial number to be inputted automatically so the users dont get prompted. I dont know enough about Mac's to even know the right questions to ask for this but I'm hoping someone can help me out.