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    Distributing LANDesk Client Throughout


      Hello all, (greetings from Ohio)


      I am new to using LANDesk so I hope to learn a lot about it from the forums.  I was wondering is there was a way to tell LANDesk to deploy itself to a certain range of IPs when it detects that the LANDesk client is not installed?


      Example:  Every 10 hours, IPs - are scanned and if a machine in that range does not have LANDesk installed, it will push the software to it...


      Thanks for your input!!!



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          zman Master

          Welcome Ed. There are a couple of ways to handle this. You can use a UDD (Unmanaged Device Discovery) for a subnet to detect machine without the client. The issue here is to have them automagically. There was a script to do this on DroppedPackets.org  but the link is broken.


          You can deploy via GPO http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-1199. This way you can use GPO WMI filtering just to a certain subnet. Not an expert on Directory Service but seen WMI filtering done.


          Can use a login script with logic for the subnets


          If you currently have another desktop management system you can use it to push out the client.


          Hope this helps, since the BKM for agent deployment is rather old and needs to be spruced up a little. Updated found the 9.0 doc - Sorry