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    Deploying Office 2010 on LDMS 9.0SP2 - Task Queued at client...


      I am unable to deploy my Office 2010 package to Windows 7 machines.


      I was able to package this and deploy to Windows XP machines just fine.


      Is there something different with Windows 7 machines that I need to look for?


      I created the Distribution Package for Office 2010 which uses a batch file that runs the setup.exe.  It is running as the LocalSystem Account.


      I use Scheduled Task and my Delivery Method is Push | Run from Source.


      I run the Task and it LANDesk shows the machine as Active and the Task Queud at Client for Execution.  I do not think that there is another task running.


      Again, this works perfectly fine for Windows XP machines.


      Please advise.  Thank you.