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    HII OS deploy, Failed to install drivers Windows 7

    avkie Rookie


      we are new users for LDMS, question about HII

      Following BKM to deployWindows 7, i have prepapean image for Asus notebook to deploy Windows 7 instead of Windows XP


      I've made Driver collection and sets of drivers for each group of the notebooks by model.


      then i do WinPE OS deply i see that proper divers are successfully copied to c:\windows\lddriverstore of target notebook, but when windows reboots I don't see this drivers installed.

      drivers are located  same folders like on LDMS driver collection




      the drivers copied to targer notebook -are OK, i can install it manually from this folders, but they are notinstalled automatically when OS is deployed and reboots.


      i don't see any regestry key in regestry or in sysprep template or were ealse that would point to c:\windows\lddriverstore  that would show Windows where drivers (inf) are located.


      please help what is wrong


      LDMS is





      Andrei Kopylov

      Vostochnaya Technica LLC