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    Emails for Task completion

    Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

      I know this is a simple one but I'm just missing something.


      If I want to have an email sent to the owner of ticket that has Tasks assigned out for it, where would I put that in the process?  Do I need to add something to this process or to the Task process itself?


      The "Add Task" option is within the "With HR Rep" status if that helps.



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          Hi Jamie


          From within the Task process, can't you have an automatic action to 'Add Reminder' and in the User attribute on the window, insert a run-time value type of {Task/Incident/CurrentAssignment/User}...?


          With my tasks, they are logged under the name of the person who has been assigned the incident, and so I simply use the 'Notify Originator' check-box.


          I hope something helps here.





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