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    Need some help with new Reboot into WinPE (Vboot) action

    BrentWalker Rookie

      Greetings all.  We are running LD 9 SP2.  I already have provisioning templates that I can schedule and then pxe boot the target machine and it auto selects provisioning and rolls on.  However, I want to to further develop these templates so that we can schedule and start remotely (without having to be in the lab to pxe boot each one).


      I was hoping that all I would have to do was add a new reboot action under system migration using the reboot into WinPE (Vboot) option.


      But when the computer reboots into the WinPE environment, it does not continue with the provisioning task.  It just sits at the WinPE backround.


      My question:  is there something I am missing here?  Is there some other template action (similar to the CTOS) that I need to implement? Or should the vboot carry that out for me?


      Any help appreciated.



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          BrentWalker Rookie

          Seeing as there has been no response to this, and based on what I have gathered from similar discussion topics, I would have to assume this post from Technobabble is correct.  Will give it a try and see if it is the ticket.  Unsure why LANDesk has not addressed this.


          Technobabble Technobabble  says:

          The  LDMS 9 SP2 vboot action appears to work in provisioning but with a  flaw. The machine boots into the virtual partition but it does not  detect that it is to be provisioned. To address this issue (until  LANDesk addresses it ;-) ) You can do the following:


          1. Add an action item before the reboot inot the virtual partition that creates a flag file.
          2. Modifiy the startnet.cmd file in the boot.wim file so that it detects the flag file and sets the %option% variable to 3


          This will allow the machine to force the provisioning when it has been booted into the virtual partition.


          Example section of startnet.cmd:



          @rem now check for provisioning.
          @rem \ldclient\GetBootOptions /v provisioning
          @rem set /a prov = %errorlevel%
          @REM if prov gtr 0 set /a need_diskfix=0

          if exist c:\vboot.flg set /a option = 3
          if %option% equ 3 goto endcheckdisk

          REM check a available hard disk
          CD \LDCLIENT
          diskpart /s diskpartcheck.txt
          if %errorlevel% gtr 0 goto fail1
          if exist c:\vboot.flg del C:\vboot.flg



          Example of "System Migration" action section for Vboot:


          <template id="05229bb2-4f36-4bf9-a561-dc34ce58417e" name="VBoot to Provisioning (PE20)" version="4">
          <description>VBoot into Provisioning</description>
          <section id="SystemMigration" name="System migration">
            <description>Back up personal or custom files before the system is modified.</description>
            <action name="Enable Vboot" version="4">
             <description>Create a vboot.flg file on C:\</description>
             <variables />
              <option name="StopProcessingTemplateIfActionFails">true</option>
            <action name="Vboot to WinPE 2.1" version="4">
             <description>Vboot to WinPE 2.1</description>
             <variables />
              <option name="StopProcessingTemplateIfActionFails">true</option>