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    Precondition not working after status


      I have a process where the first thing I need to do is a decision.  You can't link a status to a decision, so I borrowed a trick from a process created by the consultants who did the initial setup for Service Desk.  After the Open status, I put a precondition based on if the status is Open.  There are no statuses with preconditions before Open and none with preconditions directly following it.



      Yet the process is stick on the Open status, with the only action being Placeholder, which doesn't do anything.  The precondition properties:



      What am I doing wrong?  (Other than not putting a manual action after the status, which would just add an unneccesary action for users to click on.)  The only explanation I can find is that the status hasn't yet been saved, so the precondition doesn't work.  I've tried other preconditions not based on the status, but nothing seems to work.