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    Office 2010 Deployment


      Hello everyone,


      I'm researching the best way to install/upgrade Office 2010 to a large number of sites; some with 56k circuits (think slooooowww).


      I would like to first copy all of the Office 2010 directory data to a directory on each PC (Example: C:\MGMT-DIR\Office2010 in the event that they a repair or reinstall of the product is required in the future.


      Basically, I would like to create a package that would populate the C:\MGMT-DIR\Office2010 directory on each device and then begin the installation with the necessary .MSP and .XML file. I would like to do this in the most efficient method possible (hopefully utilizing a multicast domain rep to download the package once per location and then distribute the package to the local nodes accordingly).


      Has anyone out there performed this process, or something similiair to it?


      Thanks in advance



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          Hello everyone!

          Still experiencing a bit of trouble when upgrading from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2010 via LANDesk.......LANDesk does its job, it's the other part of the equation I am still having trouble with.


          I've created the necessary self extracting archive which creates a launching point on the user's C:\ to install Office 2010.

          Everything goes great except upon trying to launch the Office 2010 OUTLOOK application, it indicates that the .ost file is out of date and needs to be deleted, then Outlook restarted. I've tried upgrading the versions of Outlook with Outlook both closed and open, it doesn't seem to make a difference.


          Has anyone found out how to upgrade the .ost instead of having to delete it and then recreate it on each user's profile?


          This is going to be a bit difficult otherwise because the .ost file is stored in C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook


          So, I would have to use a wildcard or %username% to delete the .ost file from the users Outlook profile.


          Does anyone have any advise they can share on this?




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            Are you uninstalling 2003 before running the 2010 installation? We've been rolling out 2010 to our users and have found that for the users with 2003 installed, the 2010 installation will either fail, or will install but be unusable until 2003 is uninstalled.


            let me know if that helps at all.