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    Bundles and Child Requests

    Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

      The Service Catalogue manual (page 28) decribes the process by which Bundles can spawn Child Requests in process.


      I was wondering,  are the two automatic actions "Populate Bundle Attribute" and "Create Child Request" including any hard-coded functionality in Service Desk?


      My question stems from wondering if instead of creating Child Requests,  we can actually create (Child) Tasks instead for each item in the bundle.


      I'm interested here why system design here suggests "Child Requests" rather than "Child Tasks";'  am I missing something here which makes the former preferable over the latter.  MAP automation etc etc downstream perhaps or Best Practice or something.....?







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          aparker Employee

          The logic of the bundles is that they are a collection of individual services. As each of the services has a process related to them, when the bundle iterates through the collection of services it will launch the process that is linked to the individual services as a child of the main bundle process. This is why at present it can only work on the parent child principle rather than process/tasks. To achieve that model, you would have to build a specific process that launched tasks and link that to a single catalogue item. Hope that makes some sort of sense? :)