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    Been through all the posts and documents But Still  *.bat file doesn't run.??






      Here is the batch file I would like to run it is only to remove a directory. very very simple. I heard every post and spent hours and hours trying to get this to work... and still nothing...  Granted i am not a dedicated LanDesk guy. so my know how is very limited. But have gone through the PDF's that are posted here and everything checks out. system account, I am not mapping drives, No data is moving I just want to remove a directory on each of our workstations. 1000 of them. I tested this on the local workstations and appears to work perfectly... What am I missing? I looked for logs... but no logs show ANY failure.. but still didn't work? The file shows up in the clients cache folder.. so I know the file is getting there, it just will NOT run. Is this a problem with my script?



      @ECHO ON



      rmdir "c:\Program Files\MEDITECH\MagicCS\Data\FHF\Ring\FHF.LIVE\MSWord" /s /q



      EXIT /B 0