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    HII OS Deploy fails 'windows failed to start'




      I am attempting my first HII Windows XP deployment.


      The 2nd machine I am trying to deploy too fails to boot after copying across the image. The screen stays blank, if I turn off and back on I get the 'windows failed to start' message with the regular options but as soon as one is chosen it freezes.


      I am using Landesk 9.0 SP2.


      I have followed the guide in this document: http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-7945


      I have added all the necessary drivers for our machine types and done the hardware catalogue detail.


      I have noticed on the final page of this document there is the image as attached below as capture1.


      In my version of this, in capture2, the option is not there? has this changed in SP2 or do I have a problem and this is causing the issue?


      Or is it likely just to be a hard drive driver issue?

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          EMiranda Expert

          When it fails and auto reboots, hit F8 and choose to disable automatic restart and let it blue screen so you can capture your start error.  If it is a x07b error you are having mass storage driver issues.

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            I don't get any error.


            After it does the landesk imaging part I can see it copying across the correct drivers.


            It reboots and I just get a blank screen after POST.


            Upon pressing F8 and choosing do not reboot on blue screen and selecting the OS, I get the same thing. It's as if the accessing the HDD just stops.


            I have followed the steps in the x07b document to add the necessary files into system32/drivers but this doesn't change anything.


            If I boot into safe mode, it gets as far as mup.sys and then dies. I'm sure that file has nothing to do with it, but at least shows it does attempt to boot OS! :s


            Any other suggestions?