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    Software Distribution - Policy Options

    slyork Rookie

      Hi Everyone


      I have an agent configuration question regarding Software Distribution - Policy Options
      What interval do you guys set your schedule driven updates to?


      I have inherited a LANDesk system  (LD9 SP2) and was going through the various configurations setups that are on it, and noticed that most agent configurations have this set to 15 mins, to me this seems far too frequent and would cause the agent to be busier than is needed.


      Your thoughts?



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          LANDeskWizrd SSMMVPGroup

          In our environment, I have ours set at once a day between 9am and 11pm. We only really use policy delivery methods for the Software Deployment Portal and everytime you launch the portal it does a policy update anyways. For all other software distribution we mainly use multicast or push. I guess it all depends on your method of getting the software out to clients. If you're not doing a lot of distribution with a policy distribution method then I would not have it occur that frequent.


          Edit: Our laptops are actually set to do a policy update at logon and when IP address changes as well. Mainly set it this way because we have a lot of laptop users and they go through our Gateway Appliance.

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            derekhamaker Apprentice

            Our agents check for policy every 4 hours.  As was mentioned in the last post, your users can manually trigger a policy check by opening the Software Deployment Portal (Desktop Manager).  For my deployments, if I need the user to receive the package sooner than that, I will use a policy supported push.  It allows all systems that are online to receive it immediately, and any offline systems to pull it as policy.


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              mrspike SSMMVPGroup

              I prefer 4 hours, we have used this on most of our systems for the past few years and it works well.