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    Adding additional attributes for functions to UserGroup Business Object

    Fabian Schmidt Expert

      Hello Support,


      one of my customers needs within the Business Object two additional attributes, because users can have more functions than the build in ones.


      To explain it more in detail:
      A User can have three different functions within a customer group, or different users can have these functions.
      First one is "Is Supervisor" (build in), second one is "IT Agent" and the third one is "Customer Agent".
      All of these three functions should be set seperately.
      For example I'm supervisor, Mr X is IT Agent and Mr Y is Customer Agent.


      When I try to add the two additional functions as boolean and try to save it, I'll receive an error message: The Nameattribute of Classtype UserGroup has a wrong datatype... and so on.


      Has anyone acheived this successfully, or has an idea how to?