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    Synchronising LDSD with AD



      Please see the Screen shot attached. Of our AD data import mapping. At the bottom of the screen, it shows like it has never updated or synchronised with AD ever since the first import was made in late 2010. What is causing this ?

      I clicked the action "Import Data Mapped" and after sometime i got the log file generated, see also attached. It looks like it imported some contacts. But at the bottom of the page it still says last successful import was last year.


      can someone explain to me the log file? Whats with the Red attributes on the mapping Screen shot?


      Thanks for helping me out always.

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          Stu McNeill Employee



          The import log shows some records are failing (21 records failing for 3 different reasons) and this is why the import is not counted as "successful".  I would recommend you log this with your local support provider to investigate but here are some pointers on the 3 errors in your log:


          1. You've got some analysts in the import - you can filter these out in your connection type or import mapping.


          2. The "string or binary data would be truncated" error means one or more of the fields you're mapping is trying to import too much data.  For example the Title attribute is 100 characters long so if you try to import a user whose title is longer than this the error will occur.  To resolve this you can right-click on each of your mappings and in the "Convert Attribute Values" option you can truncate the data to "N" characters.


          3. One user is failing because the Title is blank.  Find the record in your source data and give it a value or filter it out.


          I hope that helps.