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    Creating a Delete/Detach Action


      How do I add a delete action on a business object or collection attribute? Add action is there but it will not allow me to add a delete action.


      Specifically, how do I delete a task from change? When  I go to the Tasks collection in Change it has only the Create Related and does not allow editing besides the name or any other actions to be added on the collection. When I go to the Task object and click Manage Business Object Actions, I cannot add a delete action because it requires a target business object. The target business objects listed are only Config Mgmt and System. Shouldn't the target business object be the object that I am currently trying to manage the actions on??? Where is documentation on the Business Object Actions?

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          Tasks have a lifecycle with them so they cannot be deleted.  If you added a task in error it would just need to be moved to the end of the lifecycle - the end status of the process.  The  Process Designer guide will have information around this area.


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            awpeterson brings up a very good point though about the limitations of Business Object Actions. It seems to me that the "Target Business Objects" have been picked at random and have nothing to do with the links you might actually want to make between objects.


            What's worse, there doesn't seem to be a way to add Target Business Objects to the list of pre-selected ones. This is a nightmare.