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    Software tasks always pending


      We are running LDMS 9 sp1 and have windows 7 x64 being deployed via provisioning.  However when we setup a software provisioning template to push our standard/ departmental software, any machines added to the task go into the pending stage and never start.  I have found articles about this for the previous versions  of LANDesk but not for LDMS9.  Is there a way to correct this, a hotfix or a script to get the machines to checkin once the policy has been made available?

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          Provisioning Tasks are not the same as Software Distribution Tasks. When you setup a Provisioning Task you drop your computers in it, then start it up. The computers, if they are online will receive the software at once. If they are not online they should receive it when they turn on.


          IF you add any computers to this same provisioning task after the initial start, they will stay in pending in never go. The provisioning task, even though they say Policy or Policy Supported Push for the delivery method, DO NOT act as normal software distribution policies. I think that stinks, but have been told by support that its by design and Provisioning Tasks are not meant to act as policy. (They are more used as One and Done tasks)


          So the best thing to do is create a provisioning Task for software, drop what computers you want at the moment in it, then start it. If you wish to add more computers to this policy later it will not work, as it is not really a policy, you will have to schedule another template.


          I use provisioning to deploy base OS and some main applications, after that I use Software Distribution Package policies for anything outside of that realm. Some bigger titles will be included with certain templates I create.


          Example Template:

          AutoCAD 2008 Desktop PC (This would be one template that does the following)

          1. Deploys OS (Configured to name and join to the domain with sysprep and LANDesk variables)
          2. Deploys Adobe Reader/Flash/Java/Real Player/Quicktime
          3. Deploys AutoCAD 2008
          4. Deploys Symantec Endpoint Protection
          5. Does a Full Inventory Sync
          6. Does a Full Security and Compliance Scan
          7. Reboots (Done)
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            Thanks for the reply, our OS deployment in provisioning is done with a similar template but the installation is done via the extracted DVD source, not from a image. But basically I have a software provisioning template setup for each department, a second push once the machine has been created. I do create a fresh scheduled task for each group of machines and I am not trying to restart after the initial batch are started. I did not know that "They are more used as One and Done tasks". That clears that part up.


            So my issue a little clearer I install the OS from a the provisioning template and when it boots up I have run-once batch files to configure the OS.  I install the LANDesk Agent and reboot the machine. When it comes back up I create a new task and push to that machine but, they never start.


            I have seen the timeout from the pxe when I tried to create a long list  of software in my OS provisioning template.  hits 40 of 40 and errors.  when I shorten the list of software it picks up, I just didn't know if anyone else had something like this happening or a way to stop it.

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              So I never trust the agent installs built in inventory scan. What I would suggest trying is that after you install the agent and reboot is to run a full inventory scan when it comes back up. That may help kick off those next tasks.


              Actually from what you are seeing from Timeouts it may be something different. Ensure that your software templates do not have Boot Environment restrictions such as Windows PE. I leave both Boot Enivronment, and Target OS both at Not Applicable unless I need some functionality such as registry edits from a specific Target OS.


              If your machine has the OS installed and the agent installed there should be no need for PXE to even be involved.

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                I have been tending to some other things, I will test the target os in the properties sometime this week.  I do think there is some relavance to that with this issue. thanks.