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    OSX 10.7 (Lion) support


      Hi all


      Not sure if this really should be classed as an idea and presented to Product Management, and due to that unsurety, I'm posting this here


      OSX 10.7 Lion is just around the corner.  So I'm just wondering, and aiming these questions mainly at LANDesk employees, is LDMS9 is currently being tested with 10.7 dev seeds and if so, should we expect full/part/no functionality straight away?  And assuming 10.7 does not play nice with LDMS9, what sort of timeframe should we be expecting before they're friends?


      I've done some forum searching and cannot find any mention of OSX 10.7 to this point.




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          Agreed, would be good to know when supported

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            I won't really speak to how Lion performs but i can confirm that the agent installs.  I have not been able to successfully create a remote session but i have not done a great deal of testing or diagnostics yet.  The failure to create a remote session could be more configuration of my enviroment than a problem with Lion/LANDesk.


            On the plus side.  The agent scans and reports inventory in terms of HW, SW and versions accurately.

            Again, i have not done a lot of testing but i'm pretty optimistic that a fully supported agent could follow or match the release of the Lion to the public.  I can't speak for LANDesk though so maybe not. 



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              Currently LANDesk's existing policy is that it does not do development or testing on beta products or OS's.  LANDesk will proceed with testing and development of the Macintosh agent once 10.7 is released.


              Now, that does not mean that some of us in Support have not been working and testing this, but  we don't make end decisions or develop the program.  I do know that they are looking at that as upcoming work.  I can't give out details, but like a previous poster says, it does seem to be basically functional.



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                egarlepp Employee

                That has been the policy for some time now and has been an issue with many of its customers.  I am hoping that they start to consider changing this as their competitors begin to offer support before they do.  :-)


                Basically, being proactive with information and testing as a company in situations like this for their customers should be in their DNA. I have a lot to say about this but do not have the energy to write a long post. Other customers and I have expressed this at LANDesk roundtables and as part of the Product Advisory team; I am only hoping that the powers that be change this.  As you mentioned, there is some testing being done in engineering and support to be proactive, I can only hope that this attitude trickles upward.  ;-)

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                  Thanks for the feed back gentlemen,


                  @ Eric:

                  MY PERSONAL OPINION:  I whole heartedly agree with you about making proactive be an engrained part of us on our approach to pre-emptive support.  Apple purposefully releases and grants access to these pre-release versions so Software developers can have their product ready at, or near OS release.  Does every company follow this; No.  Is it to their benefit or detriment; depends on the company and their view. 


                  As a LANDesk Support agent I share the same sentiment as another software company support tech said about their product: "we will be unable to make specific commitments as to a (10.7) support date any time soon. This is due to a number of factors, not the least of which is the high likelihood that Apple will make significant changes to their code between now and the release date (which isn't announced).


                  Also as a LANDesk Support tech, my belief is strongly that we represent our customers.  As that is the case, we are advocates for you.  Your input in the Standups, roudtables, and product advisory is even more powerful.  Use of the Enhancement request portal is key as well to show Product Managers importance in aspects of LANDesk Development and focus.


                  To the best for all of you this Memorial Day weekend.


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                    Cheers for the information gentlemen.  It all helps

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                      egarlepp Employee

                      With LION being released any day now, any further info on the support?  I know that SP3 has been pushed back, was that to include LION support?

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                        Yep is there anymore info on this? as lion is out. I can confirm wth our testing that landesk agent seems to working ok with osx lion.

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                          The current plan is to release a patch that will add Lion support so you will not have to wait until SP3. I don't have a date though. Engineering is currently going through code replacing calls that are no longer valid in Lion.

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                            Haymarket is correct that some things work. However some things do not (or not very well) like RC. While installing the agent on Lion is not yet supported it doesn't (in my testing at least) cause any noticeable problems to the user it just will not be fully functioning or supported yet.

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                              In my brief testing so far, Inventory reporting and software distribution appear to be working properly but remote control is broken.


                              I'm hoping we can update the agents to officially compatible ones once the patch is available.

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                                dwagner1 Apprentice

                                Any updates on a new mac agent for Lion now that it's released?




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                                  jcmachadouga Apprentice

                                  When is this patch going to be released?  We need it !


                                  Another thing I noticed on our Lion clients is that there is no entry under System Preferences in Lion. It installs fine, the client gets registered at the core, but that's it. I can't scan the clients and remote client doesn't work.



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                                    I don't seem to get good software inventory in Lion when compared with Snow Leopard. Software.Product only contains OSX and iTerm (No_Version_Info). The Mac I'm testing with has MS Office and a variety of other applications installed but they don't appear in inventory.


                                    I can verify that RC is broken.

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