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    Using the OpenTouch API - VB.NET


      Hello everyone.


      I've been working on an integration piece with SharePoint InfoPath Forms and ITBM.


      With the use of OpenTouch this has made things a little simpler, but I have hit one snag. Attachments!


      The OpenTouch web service does not seem to accommodate for attachments, which has forced me down the line of developing my own .NET utility to do just that. That's easy enough, but I have followed the next to no instructions on using the API, but it does not seem to work.


      When I reference the TPSClient libraries, I get the following warning: The reference component 'xxxxxxxxx' cannot be found.


      Has anyone attempted to use the API before, and did you have any success?


      Would anyone be able to throw some ideas into the pot?




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          Attachments are not supported in opentouch and apparently an ER needs to be raised for this to get looked at.  You'll find the same thing with event manager too :-(

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            aparker Employee

            Being as you're integrating with SharePoint and InfoPath forms, can I suggest that you look more at what the WebAccess API is offering rather than OpenTouch. You find that it is less complex to implement and delivers the areas you're looking at.



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              Hi both,


              Thanks for getting back to me. Because the web service does not support attachments, I have now managed to code this myself as a new web service, which is where the InfoPath form gets posted to. This is simply taking the form and adding the attachment to the database. The TPS web serivce is then called to create the required ticket, and then the added attachment is linked to the ticket (inc audit trail).


              It's not the most ideal work around, but seems to work ok in testing so far. Though I have not had a UAT against it yet to allow me to monitor the performance and stability.


              Unfortunately we are not going to be upgrading to 7.4 for a while. I have already demo'd the new web access changes to the powers that be, but with it being completely different to the old ServicePortal, which is what we use, there is a huge training action for me to do. Users have never been able to raise tickets as we would have more tickets raised about the ServicePortal than we would have about their actual issues.


              Personally I agree with you Andy. Why re-invent the wheel.


              I have also discovered, which I had not realised, is that OpenTouch is licensable (or has a cost associated). I am currently usnig the 7.4 beta copy against my test 7.3.2 environment for this proof of concept work. So much for simply requesting a copy. I first tinkered with OpenTouch when it was packaged with 7.2.5 (or somewhere around there). I was suprised to see that this now has to be purchased seperately.




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                Hi Andy,


                Are there any reference materials for using the WebAccess API? I have 7.4 installed on my laptop, so would like to do some more investigations which may help me to speed up the upgrade.