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    HII does not download driver files


      Hi all,


      I'm running LDMS 9 SP2.  Trying to use HII in provisioning.  I want to use UNC to download drivers.  My problem is that Provisioning tries to download drivers from the core and it all looks like its running correctly, but all I get is a bunch of empty folders in C:\Windows\LDDriverStore.  LD tells me the step was successful.  What am I missing here?


      I tried using HTTP, but it would work with some files and error out on others...while also taking about an hour to do.  That's why I prefer to do this by UNC

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          Have you applied this MCP patch to the core server?:




          Patch Information

          The following sections describe important changes and issues that have been resolved in this patch.

          • HIIClient will now use a preferred server when using UNC
          • OSD scripts are no longer re-written when opening a remote console for the first time
          • Resolved and issue where not all files for OSD would come from the preferred server
          • Spanned Ghost® images no longer fail when using preferred server
          • HIIClient correctly downloads all drivers
          • Resolved issues with the password field in the Configure Agent action
          • Status is correctly reported when deploying an image in a Provisioning template
          • Resolved a LOG4NET error when starting multiple tasks simultaneously


          Previously Resolved Issues

          The following sections describe important changes and issues that have been resolved in previous versions of this patch.

          • HII - Manufacturer can now contain a special character such as / (forward slash)
          • HIIClient can now properly use a UNC path for driver downloads
          • Improved the download speed of HII drivers when using HTTP
          • Resolved an error when navigating the PXE Representative group
          • vBoot action can now be used on x64 machines
          • Resolved an issue where Distribute Software actions would fail seemingly randomly. LDProvision logs indicated "Could not find tag response" when performing SWD actions in provisioning template.
            • Note: To resolve this issue, SP2-MCP_SD-2011-0217 (or newer) must be applied on the client machines.
          • Execute File action will now work when using a drive letter to a mapped drive.
          • When using Ghost32.exe® the image path can now contain a space
          • Improved status handling for Provisioning tasks
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            Yes, I applied the patch to the core.  It said it was successful.  Re-validated the winpe.  Re-injected the vista drivers to winpe.  Re-deployed to my PXE reps.  Nothing seems to have changed.  Every step of provisioning is running well except the HII.


            Thanks for your response.

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              a couple of things.

              Do you have in the auditsystem part of your unattend.xml the path for c:\windows\lddriverstore?

              ie: <settings pass="auditSystem">

              - <component name="Microsoft-Windows-PnpCustomizationsNonWinPE" processorArchitecture="x86" publicKeyToken="31bf3856ad364e35" language="neutral" versionScope="nonSxS" xmlns:wcm="http://schemas.microsoft.com/WMIConfig/2002/State" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance">
              - <DriverPaths>
              - <PathAndCredentials wcm:action="add" wcm:keyValue="1">
              Also I find when I check of the box for UNC I end up missing more drivers then if done the other way.
              I'm having the issue of not all the video drivers are being copied down during HII. everything else is coming down fine as long as I don't use UNC.
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                As I'm watching HII supposedly download drivers, I start up a new console.  I navigate to the c:\windows\lddriverstore and do a dir /s.  What it shows is that HII is creating the folders for all the drivers, but it does not actually pull down any files.


                HTTP works a little, until it gets to certain file extenstions it doesn't like.  UNC never works.






                I did find a work around from another user's posting.  Instead of using the HII provisioning step, I use a 3 step approach in it's place:


                Step 1: Map a drive to your \\%coreserver%\ldmain using an account that has permissions to it

                Step 2: Download...http://%coreserverip%/files/hiiclient.exe to x:\ldclient\hiiclient.exe

                Step 3: Execute:

                               Target: x:\ldclient\hiiclient.exe

                               Parameters: /autodetect /ostype="Windows7" /uncpath=\\%coreserver%\ldmain\landesk\files\drivers

                               Working Directory: x:\ldclient\



                Replace the %coreserverip% and %coreserver% with the ip address and name of your core server respectively.


                Why does this manual method work?  I really don't know.  Maybe its because I'm telling it where the drivers should be.

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                  So your doing this manually what LANDesk is suppose to be doing any way. Looks like they have some bugs to still work out. Hopefully they get them fixed soon becuase we us provisioning for over 6000 devices. Good news is we are only testing 9.0SP2 or our techs would be down and out for how many months now?

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                    I reckon your UNC issue is down to permissions.  Are you authenticating to the ldmain share at any point in your provisioning template prior to the HII action?  If not then that'll be why its failing - it doesn't have the required permission to the get to the driver files via unc.  The reason it works when you use your manual method is that you have an action to map to the ldmain share.


                    The reason http is getting to a certain file type and then stopping will be because that particular file extension will be getting blocked by IIS on the Core.  Open IIS and look at the default web site and Request Filtering.  The 2 likely candidiates will be .resources and .config - remove these both from the the list and you should be good to go.




                    That should sort out http and UNC HII download for you - its been working perfectly for me across multiple installs at various sites.



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                      I thought the UNC issues were permissions also, so I tried using the same drive mapping command (My current Step 1) and then running the built-in HII.  No luck.  Same problem.  Empty folders.  I didn't bother going further with the HTTP download because it was just too slow.


                      Thanks everyone for trying to help me on this.

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                        does any one know the commands for iis to remove the file extensions? Our test 9.0SP2 is built on Server 2003.

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                          found it. Under HTTP Headers you go into MIME Types. Do this at the Landesk\files\drivers folder.

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                            Ok folks any ideas. I got the IIS part fixed and all my video drivers are coming down now. But it is still loading the standard VGA driver. If I go to the local lddriverstor to update the driver that works.

                            any thoughts?

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                              Is your sysprep image left in audit mode?  If you generalize it, that will skip new driver detection.

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                                Yes, I do sysprep /audit /generalize /shutdown

                                then capture that image

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                                  Take out the /generalize.

                                  From how I understand it, LANDesk will do a "sysprep /oobe /generalize" as part of the provisioning.

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