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    Provisioning Template Clarification


      Hi All,


      We dont have a PXE server in our environment. Without PXE server Can we Capture and deploy the image using Provisioning Template? Is it possible to do capture and deploy the image without PXE server?




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          You don't need a PXE server you can use either a USB Drive or other Boot Media. A PXE server however, does not have to be a server machine, its very simple. You can use the PXE Representive Deployment script located under OSD Scripts\All Other Scripts to deploy the necessary PXE files to just about any flavor of Windows Desktop OS's. The machine really does not have to do any work and will most likely not be noticable to the end user. We pick a few machines per floor per building here and deploy them as PXE reps. Then on machines you want to Image or Capture an image from you boot from NIC with PXE enabled.

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            Thanks for your support....without deploying the PXE rep in other machine....can we do the Provisioning template based image capture and deploy using Landesk Agent? Is it possible Landesk Agent based capture and deploy using Provisioning template ?