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    Create NetBoot Server to Deploy Windows 7


      Hi All,


      Our company has decided  on a whim to purchase Macbook AIR laptops for our client facing staff.


      They have decided that they do NOT want people using the OSX side. So here i am not knowing anything about Mac.


      I have configured a Mac OSX X Server with NetBoot and run through the intructions from HERE i have also run the MacOSD tool on one of the Macbook AIR's running OSX 10.6.7 and placed the NetBoot image in the folder.


      When i boot up a Mabook AIR with the Option button pressed, i can see the NetBoot image show up but when i click it i dont think anything happens, the spinner spins for a bit and then loads into the normal installed OS anyway.


      I have also tried creating the job in LDMS but the Laptop just does not reboot or even start in the NetBoot mode anyway, just always boots direct into OSX.


      I have the Mac agent installed on the laptop as i thought this might be the reason it was not restarting when told to image etc.


      So i have two issues.


      1. NetBoot image not working?

      2. Laptop wont boot into NetBoot mode when told to by LDMS.


      Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.