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    Email Reminder after X amount of time

    Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

      Has anyone explored this scenario?


      Incident comes in and the Analyst puts it into a "With 3rd Party" status, it stops the clock and waits.  When you select the "With 3rd party" action however it pops up a separate window that asks you to set a "Reminder Date" that is used to send the assigned Analyst an email basically having them follow up on the ticket request.


      The kicker here is I only want it to send as long as it's still in the "With 3rd Party" status.  If it's not, I don't want an email to go out.


      If you've done this I would love to chat with you or get some information on how to set this up.




      I hope this makes sense.  



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          aparker Employee

          Hi Jamie,


          This is best done using Scheduled Bulk Actions. You set the reminder date when you assign the Incident to With 3rd Party and as you say, you stop the clock (that's a discussion for another time ). Now all you need is a query that runs overnight (well early morning) that looks for all Incidents that are at the 'With 3rd Party' status and where the Reminder date is today. You configure the bulk action to send a reminder. This will make sure that only the Incidents that are still at that status on the date specified will generate a reminder. You will need to have the Add Reminder action availiable on the status.


          There are a few more potential issues getting this set up, but there is a recent thread that has talked about a similar concept, so I suggest you track that one down as well.



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            Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

            So which Action should be used for them to "Set the Date".  Is it possible to create a plain window within  With 3rd Party that has a date item in it or will I need to use the "Add Reminder" Action that would show just a date.


            I know it's all query based but it is easier to just have a Reminder Action to apply the Send date?


            Hopefully this makes sense.  Probably not a good idea to post late in the day when my brain is mush. 

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              Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

              Disregard this request.  I figured this out.


              I do however have another question.  After the bulk action is created and I'm sending out the reminder, is there a way to send the email to "CurrentAssignment/User" or does it have to go to a specific person or group?


              Thanks Andy!