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    Email alerts to Analysts


      Good afternoon Community,


      I need your help before my head explodes. As you know, we have just started implementing LDSD and everyone is pretty excited about it and am incharge so the pressure is kind of high. Initially i realised that the system wasnt sending out Notifications\Alerts to Analysts when the incidents are assigned.


      So my quick work around since i just started to work with LANDesk SD, was to create a Notification at 0% sending an email to latestAssignment/user . its been working for a while now. But a few days back it stopped (weird?).


      I need to fix the right way of doing this, please look at ma process snap shot. See the "Assignment" Window on the "Assign to Analyst" Action. Are the Group and Analyst fields right ?

      support Group Set to -----  ToSupportGroupCol/_Group

      Analyst Set to   ----------- Process/_AssignToAnalystCol/_Analyst


      Thats what i found already populated and have never touched it. See my attachment - Assign to Analyst Assignment


      The Second attachment shows window for assignment on the "Take Ownership" action which automatically assigns the Current logged in analyst with the incident. This is working fine.


      My dilema is my Analysts are not getting the notifications. The email side seems okay, because the system sends out Enduser notifications, New incident Received notifications and Incident Resolved notifications. I have confirmed all the emails associated with the analysts.


      Please assist.

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          masterpetz ITSMMVPGroup

          Hi again,


          it looks like your value types are wrong.

          Your group should have "Incident/_AssignToAnalystCol/Group" and your Analyst should have "Incident/_AssignToAnalystCol/_Analyst".

          The eassiest way is, click with right mouse to the group or analyst field in the assignment arrow and say "Value type". Then choose "Specify a runtime value for corntrol" and navigate to your collection "Assign to Analyst" and choose the analyst or group.


          Hope that helps...




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            Thank you Very much Christian.


            When i broswe for incident/assignto analyst collection/ support group ... When i click okay..it populates itself but with Process/_AssignToAnalystCol/_SupportGroup. Which i have tested with my analyst account and the system sent me an alert.

            Tomorrow when the other analyst are around ..i will test with them too.


            thank you. Cheers.

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              The Value types that am using as place holders are not populated when i get the alerts in my email. See attached.

              It is only the {id} that brings the referrence Number. Others are not populated

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                magelan Apprentice

                Are the other placeholders in your email empty or do you see the value type itself?

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                  Your other placeholders do not go down to the attribute level so will not populate. The system does not know which of the attributes in the current assigned analyst obect to use. You probably want the title attribute, so {Incident/CurrentAssignedAnalyst/Title} should work. What you have has spaces in the name as well, which won't be right. It's worth checking the correct name for each object/attribute in Object Designer (yours look different to what we have, so I couldn't tell you if it is right). If you are on version 7.4, you can right-click in the reminder and select 'Insert Place Holder' and select the attribute you want, which eliminates any spelling errors.





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                    Am using LDSD 7.3.2 Version. Above are the place holders am using now (And in the Email Alert..they are not still populated). You see, when i right click in my assignment window and choose "Value Type"

                    I get 3 Button options - Specify an Absolute value for this record, Specify a Macro Value for Control (Is disable) and Specify a run time value for Control.

                    So i choose - Specify a Runtime Value for Control, this enables me to browser for the Attribute i want, I then click okay. This DELETES anything else in my Window and only puts that specific place holder say {Process/_CurrentAssignedAnalyst}. This means am not able to put other place holders as they will overwrite the current one. So I paste all my required place holders in a note pad. And then Construct my Alert Email Body as below with the place holders put in their place.

                    Dear {Process/_CurrentAssignedAnalyst},

                    A New Job with Reference Number : {id} has been assigned to {Process/_CurrentAssignedGroup}.

                    Subject : {Process/Title}

                    Created By :{Process/CreationUser/Title}

                    VISIT  http://nhq-sv-071/WebDesk or  FOR DETAILS

                    Thank You, Service Desk Team.

                    It is Only the {id} place holder that is populated. This Place holder i found it there already, had been put by the Consultant, so I wanted to put more meat on the Alert Email Body. Even when i browser for other attributes, I dont seem to See where he could have got {id} placeholder. Maybe thats where am supposed to pick my other placeholders!!!!  (A New Job with Reference Number : {id}  has been assigned ) this was the original line there by the Consultant.


                    When i was analysing the History Audit of my ticket, I noticed something, I dont know wether it makes some sense.

                    History of Ticket.png
                    The highlighted "Add Assignment 2"(When i double click on it, I see the Alert Email Body with the placeholders not filled) is what we are dealing with. And after it(above it) is the "Assign to Analyst" Action which assign the incident to any of the support group and analyst chosen. Does this mean that the system tries to send out an Alert to the Analyst before an analyst is actually chosen. Because to me it looks like the Add Assignment is coming before the Assign to Analyst in the History of the Ticket. !!! This is just theory Could be wrong!!!!

                    The "Add Assignment 3" and "Add Reminder" all contain contain to the Originator..and they work - so they are not our worries.

                    See process Assign To Analyst latest.png

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                      It is a mistake to think that runtime values will be the same as placeholder values. In 7.4 you can right click and get a select placeholder value option but in earlier versions you will need to type it in manually. Placeholders always assume the starting place of the process object; in this case 'Incident'. You need to then work out which attribute of the incident object you want to display. for instance the Id attribute would be {Id}. If you want to use attributes in objects other than incident, they will have to be linked to Incident and then you can reference them, for instance {CurrentAssignment/User}


                      Here is my assignment, in which all of the placeholders work:




                      Incident {Id} has been assigned to {CurrentAssignment/User} by {CurrentAssignment/CreationUser}


                      Assignment comments:




                      Incident Customer:


                      Incident Summary:


                      Incident Details:







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                        Thanks Olive and others...

                        So far so good. The only place holder that aint working now is the current assignment group. Its failing to pick . Any possible suggestions i could try. Olive in your assistance you didnt provide the place holder for currently assigned group.

                        and by the way the _summary didnot work but when i replaced it with {title} i get the summary of the incident.