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    vPro Configuration time


      How long does it normally take to configure a machine?


      We are using the 1 touch USB method to provision our machines.  The machine seems to provision fine using the USB stick but once we get into Windows the Intel Management and Security Status is still showing as being "Unconfigured".  Is this process supposed to be quick or does it take some time?


      We have entered the alias "provisionserver" into our DNS server like the docs I found said to do.


      The machines we have are on AMT 6 running on Windows XP and they are HP 8100 Elite's.  We really want to take advantage of the KVM function that is built into this version of AMT.


      I have gotten a few of these machines to provision but some just don't provision and some do provision but the KVM function does not show up in the LANDesk Management Console.  I don't understand why everything is so flaky and inconsistent...  Any help is greatly appreciated.

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          Is there a patch to help this or anything?  We are running 9.0 SP2 at the moment.



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            MrGadget Expert

            I provision by manually changing the settings without a usb drive. i also am not injecting a pids. I suppose this would be called non-ttl or non-secure.

            I found AMT Ver 6.1 very tricky to set up and get working. It is a matter of getting the right setting.  Under the Amt settings I had to unprovision by clicking unconfigure network access then full unprovision and reboot. Go back into the intel management engine bios, put in your password.

            Go to remote setup and configuration, click on rcfg- start configuration. Click previous menu,I set the provisioning server ipv4/ipv6 to my landesk server address and Provisioning server fqdn to the landesk server name .domain,  exit out, reboot, Go back in to the ME general settings, click activate network settings, Go to Network setup and put the computer name in host name, domain in domain Name, make sure dhcp is enabled. Then go to the AMT settings and make sure sol, idr, kvm, legacy redirection are all enabled  Set User consent to none, Opt- in configurable from remote is enable and exit out reboot.   

            By the way all my computers are Dells

            In the Landesk management console vpro configuration I have it set for non-ttls.