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    sdistscript.exe crashing occasionally on Windows 7 x64


      I have a ticket open with LD on this, but I figured it would throw it out to the community as well.


      We're a new LD shop. We're running 9.0 SP2 with February MCP's and the March SD MCP.


      When I create wsh packages specifying to run a vbscript and use any delivery policy the script will run, but sdistscript.exe crashes afterwards on windows 7 x64. This results in a bad return value sent to the core and presents the user with a Windows Error Reporting dialog explaining that sdistscript.exe crashed.


      What's odd is that if I try to run the task a few times, it will eventually succeed on most Windows 7 x64 machines. It will never succeed on a few machines and sdistsscript.exe always crashes.


      I was able to use procdump.exe from sysinternals to get a dump of the process when it crashes. I've attached these dump's to my case and to this post. Running it through windbg, it seems in some cases something in sdistscript.exe corrupts it's heap and when sdistscript.exe goes to free memory, it runs into an invalid address. I've read it can be tough to track these kinds of things down as the crash typically happens long after the heap got corrupted.


      Thoughts? I don't think anyone is actually running the March SD MCP, so I might be alone here. I got the April MCP, which updates sdistscript.exe but it seem the intermittent problem will still occur with that version too.