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    Moving Managment Gateway, how do I check if the files I need are in place?


      We're moving our Management Gateway across the country to a completely different subnet, with the same FQDN. I've been trying to get all the broker.conf.xml files updated on the client machines (>250 agents) and have also been distributing new .0 files with the new IP, but at this point I've lost track of which ones have it and which ones don't. Further complicating, we're reimaging many of the machines with Win7, which means I don't know if those have the new broker.conf.xml or .0 files (they're supposed to, but...)


      In any case, I'd like to be able to find out if the machines are updated, either in Inventory or in Patch Manager (we have LDPM, but not LDSS). Anyone have any tips on how to achieve this?


      Running LDMS+LDPM 9.0 SP2