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    Desktop Manager Question


      I'm told LANDesk 9 has the ability to assign self installs via the Desktop Manager on a per user basis using AD groups.


      Currently, we use the Desktop Manager for people to install their own software when convenient. However, I currently add the device to the policy task. What I would like to do is assign a user so that the software is available for them on their device.


      The logic behind this is that if someone doesn't install the software and leaves the company, the software is not available on that device for someone joining and getting that device.


      Any ideas?



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          zman Master

          My suggestion (reader digest version):


          • Create an Active Directory Group and assign the applicable users to the group.
          • Create a target for your scheduled task using Directory Manager using this group.
          • Delivery method for the scheduled task would be optional as desired.


          However, once the user leaves the company the software is still installed on the machine. There is nothing natively in LANDesk to remove based on when a user leaves. Since a user to machine can be many to one it is somewhat difficult. Normally the policy is when a user leaves a company and the machine goes to another user it is reimaged.


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