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    Internet Explorer 8 - LanDesk Rollout

    tammam Rookie

      Hi All,

      I used IEAK 8 to create a custom IE 8 installation package. The package works perfectly if I run the "IE8-Setup-Full.exe" manually and all the customizations are applied from the files INSTALL.INS, *.inf and Branding.cab.


      However, I created a distribution package to deploy IE 8 which installs the software but fails to apply the customizations such as favourites, default search engine etc which are applied when I run the exe manually but not when pushed through LANDesk. I made sure that the files are included under "additional files" and even checked that the files are copied to the sdmcache.


      What am I doing wrong? any advice?


      I'm running LANDesk v9 build 473


      Many thanks in advance,


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          Catalysttgj Expert

          Sounds like current user hive stuff, but i might be wrong on this. If it is current user stuff, you may be looking at a need for a GPO or some way to get the user settings applied post installation. Our customer actually created their IE8 installer using the IEAK tool, so not sure what all they put in it, but they didn't use EXE. They used MSI. Not sure if that would make any diff, but you might wanna look at that also.


          Good luck!

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            tammam Rookie


            Thanks for your reply. I can't figure out how to create an msi file from the IEAK utility. Microsoft's documentation mentions that it is available but I cannot find the option anywhere. In all cases, I thought deploying IE via msi is not recommended for some reason.

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              We just deployed the package as is, then customized setting via Group Policy. That way, even if the user had already upgraded, everybody gets the same settings.

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                tammam Rookie

                That's fine except I have no control over GPO. I would rather deploy via LANDesk. I can't see why it's installing but not applying the settings given that it's a self-contained package. Is this something to do with how LDMS executes the deployed .exe. All I need it to so is to copy the .exe then run it as a system account. It's already configured to run silently etc etc. Can anyone from LANDesk help?

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                  AsifB Apprentice

                  Hi tammam


                  Log on to a machine with a user that can install software and amend your distribution package to run as currently logged in user and see if your settings are applied. It could have something to do with using local system account for the install.

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                    tammam Rookie

                    Thanks @AsifB, you are absolutely correct; running it under user credentials whilst logged in as admin worked flawlessly which means it's probably bad news as it probably won't work if the logged in user is non-admin.


                    Am I correct in assuming that the option you suggested which works will not work if the user has no admin rights?




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                      AsifB Apprentice

                      Hi tammam


                      I just had a look at IEAK 8. When you install it select "Internal Distribution via a Corporate Intranet" option. This allows creation of an msi and self-extracting exe, it creates an INS file that controls the browser behaviour that you can deploy (if required) after installation to update and change browser settings. Take a look in the default created "c:\builds\xxxxx" directory and you will find everything you need in there.


                      As you have an msi you can deploy that and test with the ALLUSER= 1 or 2 property (per-machine or per-user install).


                      When installing under local system there is no user registry hive available that is why your settings are not applied. When installing with a logged on user the user registry hive is available that is why it is successful in loading the settings.

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                        tammam Rookie

                        Hi mate, thanks for your help. Just noticed that it does indeed create an msi file i've just been looking under the wrong folder for the exe and config files. many thanks indeed. i'll give your suggestions a try and let you know.


                        Much obliged.