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    Agent does not report inventory back from Japanese machine


      We have an LDMS server (ver 8.8) installation in UK and have rolled out agents to many different countries which report back through our LDMS Gateway.


      These have all worked well apart from all of our agent installs in Japan. The only difference that I can see is that the Japanese installs are on the Japanese version of windows, all others work ok.


      Anyone else had similar problems, or know of a solution to this?


      A solution in the next 24 hours would be great!! I have 2 days left in Tokyo before leaving early on Saturday morning.


      Many thanks

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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          To support those machines you really should look at putting v9 in as that is the version that added unicode database support (ability to handle foreign character sets). 8.8 needed the SQL database set up in the local language to handle correctly which is no good if you have an international iunstallation. In your case you don't say if you are seeing any errors appearing or ig it is just that nothing appears in the database.


          Have you confirmed the basics such as the ability to resolve the core server name from that location? What happens if you manually launch an inventory scan on one of those machines? Do you get any errors showing? Do you see scans from those machines in the errorscan folder of your core server and does the core's windows event log have any errors relating to processing these scans.


          Mark McGinn

          MarXtar Ltd