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    Workstation initiated provisioning task


      We receive our systems from Dell with a base image that is sysprep'd to join our domain, install the Landesk agent, etc. Is it possible to include a call in sysprep.inf to fire off a specific provisioning task? I'm partial to the machine initiating the task because we have a very impatient set of clients. Once the login dialog is available they want to use it and not wait on things to "eventually show up".


      I have a set of templates for Windows XP that work for machines that need to be reimaged and I'd like to call that template in sysprep.



      In the xml of the distribution tasks/apps there is a part that shows sdclient and SWDPackageId=XXX where SWDPackageId = LDDB\PACKAGE\Package_Idn. I'm still trying to get a handle on how this all works so forgive my ignorance.



      The included template also has a PreOS task that essentially precaches the applications in the sdmcache directory so scheduled tasks would hopefully use it instead of running the installs from the network. I'm not to worried about using/losing that.

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          If you get the MAC addresses from Dell before the machines arrive you can set up the tasks ahead of time. You can import the MAC addresses into the database and schedule templates to those machines before they arrive.

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            Thanks, I've given up on getting that information from Dell as we've asked for it since we started using Landesk (2+ years ago), I guess 800-1000 systems a year isn't enough to warrant that kind of effort on their part.  Without that information from Dell it isn't time effective to try to obtain that information from deliveries that exceed more than a few (we usually receive one big order once per year (600+) and then a few here and there). 






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              bnelson Employee


              I don't believe that you could actually manage this without getting the mac address info from Dell ahead of time, at least not using provisioning. There may be a way to use security and patch management to do it though.



              The best thing to do would be to use active directories to install the applications based on user account rather than a PC assignment.



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                Since part of the applications are not MSI based and our users are not administrators, I'd like to avoid going back to scripting to get this stuff installed when there is a perfect product available in Provisioning.


                How does ldprovision.exe work in WInPE? It shows me a menu, it allows me to select a provisioning task, and it starts the job? All I'm looking to do is that but instead of using a listbox and manually selecting it I'd simply like to specify the provisioning template in a commandline. The machines are in Landesk as the agent is installed during sysprep so I don't understand why it has to be initiated from the core rather than the workstation.


                I took a look at the logfile: \ldprovision\ldprovision.log and it indicates that it is contacting a web service, it doesn't specify the service name only the function in this case GetTaskXml & GetValidTemplates.



                core\Program Files\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\landesk\ManagementSuite\Core\ProvisioningWebService\bin\ProvisioningWebService.dll appears to be the service...

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                  I think bnelson brings up a good point. You wouldn't have to script the installations. I assume you are creating software distribution packages to use in provisioning.


                  Using those same packages, create a scheduled task instead with an LDAP target. Then, as machines are added to the domain (or as users log on, depending on what you target) the machines will get targeted automatically and the packages installed.


                  I think this is your best bet unless you can get machines into the database beforehand.

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                    Ok, I think I get what you guys are pointing to.



                    1)  Create an LDAP Query in Directory Manager



                    2)  Include the user that is used for sysprep GUIRunOnce



                    3)  Create a distribution package that uses the Provisioning Template



                    4)  Start Task



                    If the above is correct:



                    Is the Landesk client configuration the determining factor on how long it is before the machine actually starts installing software?  Is there a way to kick off the policy based install?  amclient or localsched?  not quite sure as of right now it doesn't start installing immediately after login, is that because of the client config?









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                      If you are on 8.7, you can run the policy based delivery command line. You can get the command line on the start menu of an installed agent:

                      Start > Programs > LANDesk Management > Policy Based Delivery


                      If you are on 8.8, you need to run the policy.sync.exe in this shortcut:

                      Start > Programs > LANDesk Management > LANDesk Software Deployment Portal (something like that)

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