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    Passing a NULL value in a Reminder

    Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

      Hey Community,

      I have a quick question (or 2...) for you.




      We have a window that has text fields, drop down fields and numeric entry fields.  Some of these fields are not mandatory so they do not get populated on occasion.  However, in an email out to a specific team, these fields are to be included.




      Is it possible to pass one of these fields in a reminder with "N/A" out next to it?

      Is it possible to omit this field from the reminder if it's seen as NULL?





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          karenpeacock SupportEmployee



          I can think of a few ways of achieving this but perhaps there is a simpler way that I've missed that someone will pipe up with.  Also I haven't tested these myself so they are just some ideas to try out:


          1.  You could have a Crystal report that gets sent out with the reminder.  In Crystal you can suppress sections of the report if a specified criteria isn't met or you can suppress fields on the report if they are null.  There are details in the Administrator Guide on how to get reports to send out with your chosen automatic reminders in your process and this is under the section "Sending a report when an assignment or reminder is sent".  You (or someone you can call upon) would need to know a little bit about Crystal reports though.  I can give some general pointers about how to suppress parts of the report if you want to go down this route.


          2.  You would need to have a number of decisions in your process design based on these fields.  If they aren't completed your automatic reminder sends out without the fields completed. If they are completed your automatic reminder will have those placeholders on it.  This might be pretty complex in your process design though if you've got lots of fields, as you'd need lots of decisions, lots of slightly different reminders, etc. so I'm not sure this is practical in reality for you.


          3.  If you are on 7.4, I was going to suggest that you set a default value for these fields of N/A in object designer so they will populate with N/A but you mentioned that you have some numeric fields.  So instead my last suggestion is that your reminder text states that fields that are null in the reminder haven't yet been completed on the form.  I know that's a bit basic perhaps but sometimes this is all that's needed - depending on who your audience is of course!


          I hope that you come up with a workable solution.


          Best wishes