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    A task is in "active" status for long time


      Hello, Im new in LanDesk.

      I have a windows2003 server where the CoreServer es located IP

      I created the client(agent) and I installed in a XP computer IP


      Both computer are in the same network I dont have more computer only The server and the client.

      Those are not in a domain, only standart windows WORKGROUP


      - I have installed mozila firefox and others softwares  in my client using scheduled task without problems (it was a few seconds)

      - When i try to do the same thing with office 2003  it has been in "active" status for 1 hour

         The ms office needs a key so i set up this in Distribution Pacjage - Deteccion - opcion:Regestry key exist.


      The question is , Could I see how is running this?, im waiting and nothing different show up on the screem just this:


      status :  Active            Result  :  Machine successfully discovery.


      Any Idea please.


      Thank you.

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          Im reading




          But I can understand very well.



          And in the log file i see procesing package : I_MSOFFICE_2003    ( my package )


          I have deleted the task and restart the schedule service.


          Im trying one more time.


          Thank you.