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    Gather Historical Information Should Run



      Is this a LANDesk Message?  Should I run this command?

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          Be prepared. This thing will run for a while depending on how many devices you have in the database. A few seconds per device at least, so you may want to schedule it to run during an off peak time depending on your hardware. A process called vaminer will be running while gather history is performed. There will be a couple of logs, Gatherhistory.log, and Gatherhistory Details.log will be updated during the execution. When you set up a schedule for this, it will also ask how many days of history that you want to retain as well.


          We had this message pop up, because the already scheduled job died in midstream, probably because of a reboot while it was running. It was taking between 3 and 4 hours to run on our system with over 13K devices. We later added an additional schedule to run gather history two times a day. One in the early morning before most agent activities, and then one in the evening after most activities. This actually cut the time down to about 1.5 hours a piece for each run, where before it was always taking over 3 hours consistently for a single run.


          Good luck!

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            Of course this is one of those un or under dcoumented items in LANDesk....



            Here is where you can go to set a schedule up for it to run.





            What you choose for numbers in the green area below is up to you, this works well for us.  We have several Cores, one with over 5K nodes and it runs pretty quick.



            Click on the "Create Task", this will create a scheduled task, right click on that new task > properites, schedule to run once a day at an off hour