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    LDMS Core High Availability Question


      Hi All,


      We are installing LDMS from scratch and have been tasked to setup the cores in a HA configuration. Ive determined there are a couple ways to approach this issue and have decided to have two simultaneously active cores.


      Ill have a DNS alias point to the active core while the standby core sits idle ready for use. In a failure of the active core I would like to change the DNS alias to the second core and continue business as usual.


      Our database is on separate servers. My first thought was to have two databases that would be synced from the primary to the secondary. But then my manager had though it may be more appropriate to have both cores looking to the same database. It is common for application servers to share a single database.


      Is sharing a single database between two cores possible with LDMS?


      BTW, Im a bit surprised not to find much, if any documentation on high availability.


      Key Words: HA BCP Cluster