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    Multiple DNS but same Service Desk




      Would like to get you guys opinion, it is possible to have multiple DNS, I mean different URL for Service Portal but still access to same Service Desk. The thing is like this: I have 2 DNS, one is "servicedesk.com" other is "helpdesk.com" but it will directly go to same url which is "http://ipaddress/webaccess/ss/logon/logon.rails". Why I do like this is because different end user will only see their DNS only and cannot know others DNS.


      It use same web server and database of Service Desk just need different DNS but it will directly go to same url. It is possible to be done?




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          No reason that will not work.  I'd be careful when building anything to make sure you don't use one of those specific URLS (say in a web site for self service) when that DNS isn't available to one of the other set of people accessing SS.

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            Thanks Dave for the replied. So it is possible, that's great! What I need to do, it is just create 2 DNS and point to the web server or need some configuration in IIS to make it. What I want is like this:

                 1. DNS: helpdesk.com, when user key in this it will show the full url: http://helpdesk.com/webaccess/ss/logon/logon.rails

                 2. DNS: servicedesk.com, it will go to full url: http://servicedesk.com/webaccess/ss/logon/logon.rails




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              Stu McNeill Employee

              Hi Dodi,


              It sounds like you're asking two questions here.


              1. You want two different domain names to point to the same server - this requires no configuration in the product or on the server, you just need to set up the DNS entries accordingly.


              2. You want someone going to www.something.com to actually take them to www.something.com/WebAccess/.... - this can be achieved using a page at the root of the website to redirect the user to the full address.


              I wrote a document a while ago about how to do this for ServicePortal and the concept is exactly the same for Web Access except you need to change the part of the code that reads "/ServicePortal/" to "/WebAccess/....".  The technique I use here redirects to a relative path (ie. it doesn't care about the domain name) so it won't conflict with your multiple domains.  The document is here: How to run ServicePortal at the web server root.


              If I've missed the point entirely please let me know!