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    Two LDMS Cores and 1 Database?


      Database is on seperate servers.


      Can two cores use a single database simultaneously?


      Purpose is for HA.

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          egarlepp Employee

          2 cores can not use the same DB simultaneously.  There are many reasons that they cannot, one being the name and keys generated during the install.


          If you are looking into a HA or DR solution, you can look into SQL Mirroring, Replication, or Log Shipping as a way to keep identical DB backups.  In terms of the core itself, a VM of it or a secondary core with the correct keys and such setup with a DNS change when needed is the way to go.  There was a doc some time ago on HA/DR, but I can't seem to find it any more. LD is looking into this for the future, when is the mystery.  The solution is not eloquent but can be done with some work and a strong process in place. Good Luck!

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            Thank you for taking a bite at my post.


            Im guessing that it may work but if you had trouble it would be unsupported. Ill go with the two database concept.

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              egarlepp Employee

              LANDesk support would not work with you on any issues, so yes it would definitely be unsupported.  :-)

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                MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

                LANDesk has never truly supported an HA model. There was at one point a document on configuring it on a cluster server but that was a very painful process and broke very easily.


                In most scenarios LANDesk is not mission critical and therefore can withstand the occasional outage and if you have a decent model in place you can minimise the period of that outage. The database is the one area that can easily be clustered (or at the very least backed up) and for simple recovery it's hard to beat having your core on a Virtual Server that can be moved about, snapshotted etc easily.


                Work out what your real acceptable outage period would be and work to that.


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                  zman Master

                  That doc has been buried in an undisclosed location since it was very problematic and caused some issues.