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    Keeping Track of PXE Reps


      So I am struggling with how to keep track of my PXE Reps. Currently I know you can view them under Configuration in your network view, but there is only basic information there, Device Name and Type. I tried to apply a column set that would show me IP address and Primary Owner but am unable to apply column sets anything under the Configuration View.


      So what I have done so far is in my Network View, Devices, is created seperate groups for each building and floor. We have over 8000 computers spread across at least 100 buildings or more. Each floor per building is typically one subnet, maybe more depending on size. I try and pick at least 2 - 3 machines per subnet to be PXE reps, then dump them in each group that I have created. My problem is that at our facilities computers are constantly moved from one floor to the next or one building to the next. I understand the machines will continue to be PXE reps on their new subnets, but now see the flaw in trying to keep track of where they are located in LANDesk with my original group per building/floor idea... Really room for improvement here somewhere just need to find it. Any Ideas?

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          AsifB Apprentice

          LANDesk recommends only having 1 PXE Rep per subnet... So I am wondering if you mean MDR?

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            AsifB Apprentice

            If you do mean PXE Reps, then just create a query for all machines that have the two PXE services and add what ever columns you need in to the query to provide location information (IP would be one I guess).

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              Not sure why they reccommend that, I have been told by my TAM it does not hurt to have more then one. We have more then one to cover users turning their PC's off and such. Also in our image center we provision up to 30 machines at a time, and seeing as incoming connections on a non server class windows machine is limited to 10 we have to have more machines acting as PXE Reps to support that.

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                Great Idea that may do it!

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                  AsifB Apprentice

                  This assumes you have the LANDesk agent installed so the info is already in the LD database.

                  Let me know how you get on.

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                    Yup this works just fine, I have the LANDesk agent installed on all my PXE reps to begin with. We even have custom modeled data in our inventory that provides details on User building and floor, although its not working yet, that we can add as part of the column set.

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                      AsifB Apprentice

                      I wrote a little SQL script a couple of years ago that basically populated a linked table with site names. It was based on site IP address ranges and site names (>= and <= = SITE A). 'Site A' would be then populated in to the linked table (link based on the Computer ID, not GUID) against the Computer ID. In LANDesk this would come through as a column heading. I had this running every 2-3 hours just in case there were any big moves going on and it kept track of all machines and locations. One draw back is you have to periodically update the site list in SQL and the initial set up took a while. But, the good thing is we weren't relying on user input for the computer location and when it moved from one build (IP subnet) to another it automatically updates on next scan/SQL update unlike custom data.

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                        MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

                        Trying to update LANDesk with this kind of supporting information (floor vs. IP subnet etc) is a bit of a pain but you could handle that with Data Translation Services for LANDesk. Well worth a look if you are wanting to automate updates of information or pretty much any other kind of data manipulation in your LANDesk database.


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                          AsifB Apprentice

                          Yeah, I wrote this myself and it works really well. I have a client who is still using it 3/4 years down the line (set it back up again after upgrade to v9 SP2) and best of all it's free!