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    9.0 SP2 Stand-Alone Scanner




      I am wondering if anyone has come up with a stand-alone scanner like the one which was outlined in article DOC-1177?  I wasn't able to find anything via search, dropped packets or by contacting support, so I thought I would throw it out to the community.




      ~Andy Berryman

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          Catalysttgj Expert

          Why not build a minimum agent configuration that has the very minimum of features (as close to inventory only as possible)? Then just instal that particular agent config on the devices. This way the devices will have the inventory scanner scheduled to run periodically, so that the data its putting in the DB stays up to date all on its own. This stand-alone scanner thing is way out of the box, and i like out of the box, but what is the real gain or savings with this? If a machine inventories into the DB, it would seem it will still count against licensing. Unless the data is collected into the DB, exported, and then purged out of the DB for some one off data collection project/scenario, but even in that scenario, it would seem simpler to just have a minimum agent config to push out and install, and then uninstall after the project was completed.


          Just curious.

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            It's mainly for off network machines that need an initial scan into the database so that we can license them properly.  No worries on LANDesk licensing since everything that is stored in the database uses a license.  The agent idea is definitely one that has been floating around, but since the system is without a network connection it doesn't really make sense.




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              MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

              Even with stand-alone machines the minimum agent installation isn't without merit.What you could do is modify what it would be running as far as inventory scans are concerned so that it performs a regular scan but outputs to a file in a standard location using something like " /F /O=c:\ldscan\%COMPUTERNAME%.scn" as the commandline switches for ldiscn32.exe. This way you could grab that file at some point in the future to update you inventory scans. You could modify that behaviour by setting up a local scheduler entry for the inventory scanner.


              Also means that if for any reason they did connect to the network they would immediately be manageable.


              Just a thought.


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                One thing you can do is use the LdDiscover utility. Then pass a command to do a scan then also do a security scan. You'll have to setup the account tab to enter an account that has local administrator privs on the remote box. I use this method to scan multiple machines that don't have an agent installed on them.


                The executable should be in the ManagementSuite\utilities\lddiscover directory of your core server. The below command is what I use to do an inventory scan and then a vulscan with a specific agent behavior.


                \\<CoreServer>\ldlogon\ldiscn32.exe /NTT=<CoreServer>:5007 /S=<CoreServer> /F /Sync
                \\<CoreServer>\ldlogon\vulscan.exe /AgentBehavior=<CoreServer>_01 /CoreServer=<CoreServer>