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        egarlepp Employee

        It is quite easy for most reports, because you can just count the number of records returned in the report.  Shown below in this screenshot.  I have also attached a report that we put together that breaks down the LANDesk agent versions by LDAP location and it will filter the locations available to your users.  Hopefully this should help:



        The thing is you can count based on the grouping you have in your reports as well, so you can have One group showing LDPA location and that provides a count and then have a second grouping showing the LANDesk agent version and count that.  It is quite nice.  We have worked on creating some really advanced looking reports.  Anyways, good luck and hopefulyl the attahced report can give you ideas.  There is a field that we have added to the report that will nto be in your LDMS DB, so you can remove it.  ;-)

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          egarlepp Employee

          Just read your post again and realized i posted how to count the systems not number them. I haven't done that or needed to do that with the count field, but i am sure it is very possible.  Let me know if the count is good enough, if not i can look into doing the numbering.